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At Brainerd Animal Hospital, we are committed to providing quality, compassion and professional care for your pets throughout all stages of their life.

We know and understand your pet is part of your family and you take their care seriously. If your pet is sick and needs more extensive care. We can provide that. With our trained staff, you can be confident your pet is in good hands.

Services provided for your pet

We perform a wide variety of surgical procedures.  We offer routine spay and neuter services.  We also perform many soft tissue surgeries including c-sections, growth removals, abdominal exploratories, and many more.  Orthopedic procedures include CCL (ACL) repair, FHO, and patellar luxation surgery.


We use anesthetic protocols tailored to each specific patient along with gas anesthesia for a smooth, comfortable experience for your pet.  We monitor our patient's heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen levels at all times for their safety and a rapid recovery.

Regular check-ups

Yearly vaccinations

Spaying or neutering

Preventative healthcare

Medical examinations and diagnosis

Bring your pets to Dr. Dutton for your annual vaccinations and complete annual exams.


With our in-house laboratory, we can do a comprehensive and pre-surgical blood profiles, intestinal parasite analysis, heartworm and tick screenings, and urinalysis. More specialized tests may be sent to a referral lab.


We also have x-ray and ultrasound capabilities for further diagnositic work up.

Pharmaceutical and dietary

We stock many of the commonly used medications needed for your pet's health. If we do not carry a medication that is needed, we can provide prescriptions to another pharmacy of your choosing.


We also carry Hill's Prescription Diet for your pet's specific health concerns. We also can special order Royal Canin or Purina Veterinary diets if needed.



For all of your pet's dental needs, bring them to the Brainerd

Animal Hospital, Brainerd, MN. From scaling of tartar, polishing and extractions if needed, your pet is in good hands here.

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We are open Monday thru Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM. You may be able to drop off your pet early for many of our services. Just call ahead to make arrangements.